Monday, June 28, 2010

'bout time for an update!

So much has happened and I haven't gotten to 'blog' about it. I'll try to re-cap the last five days or so for you.

Thursday was back to Sumana's 'regular' PT. Check out the picture of her playing the Wii with Miss Alyssa. Her pain level has continued to decline and she seems to be at the point where ibuprofen manages her pain (as of Monday evening).

Friday Sumana was fitted for new braces (AFO's in orthotic language . . .ankle-foot orthotics). Mr. Ray was very thorough and measured all of Sumana's quirky angles and shapes. He is going to make her braces 'in-house' so he can make the specific adjustments that Sumana needs. This will be the first time her braces have TRULY been custom-made. Hmmmmm . . . why didn't I realize this before??? Hopefully these new braces will correct her problem of leaning/walking on the insides of her ankles. Miss Kristen was able to contribute to the fitting, too, by mentioning Sumana's persistant walking issues. I can't wait to see the result!

Saturday I had to work at the library so Sumana was home with the teenagers and baby. When I got home we played Wii. She is so good at boxing! She knocks her mom down all the time and manages a knockout at least once a match! That night (ALL night!) I was in the Emergency Room with our foster daughter. It was a very longggg night, but we were very glad we had gone and she was so much better when we got home Sunday morning.

Sunday I had planned on taking Sumana to kids choir and Sunday School, but I was soooo tired we stayed home and I slept most of the day. Sumana needed pain meds that morning and was pretty dizzy anyway, so she wasn't too upset about staying home.

Today Sumana had Daddy helping her with her exercises and he reported that it took her 45 minutes to do her exercises. The good news is that he worked with her to make sure she did them the right way. Later they played Wii and he taught her how to improve her bowling game. (They're playing again tonight and Sumana is AHEAD!!! Maybe Dad taught her too well!!!)

Our electricity went off right after I got home from work, so Andrew, Sumana and I played Skip-bo. Sumana had never played before and it was a bit challenging to hold cards and reach to build her number piles . . . it was probably good exercise!! After two games she really had the hang of it. As a side note, we were one of only 9 homes affected by the power outage . . . over two hours . . . without AC . . . . UGH!!!!!! (I've become very fond of our air conditioners!!!)

This week starts our summer schedule. Jade has class and Sumana has PT every Tuesday and Thursday morning. It'll be an early start for all of us, but then we'll have the rest of the day for other things. Also, we go camping with our college friends and their families this weekend. It's always a majorly fun time!!!

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  1. Sounds like some exciting progress! Can't wait to see if the new braces help her walk better! Keep up the great work, Sumana!