Thursday, June 17, 2010

Surgery Tomorrow (Friday)

Well, surgery is set for 11am Friday (we have to be there at 9:30). We'll have our usual team of supporters wreaking havoc on the waiting rooms (we can get noisy!!). I also will be able to visit Giana and her mom. They're still in the PICU with G's undiagnosed fever. It was up to 104 today! Please pray for wisdom for the infectious disease team. So far all of her tests have come back negative. I know they're hoping to go home tomorrow, so I may miss them after all. However, if they're there it will be a nice distraction for me.

Last Saturday, we did something 'different'. We went clothes shopping BEFORE Sumana's surgery! I don't think she'll grow out of 14s yet, so we got her some more summer clothes to get her ready for camp. Please pray that things go smoothly so she can get to camp!

We'll try to update as soon and as often as we can. That means I'll have to dictate to Greig. LOL!!


  1. prayers were lifted for her. I would love for Alicia to go to camp, but she won't do it.

  2. we're praying for you all! ben greene island falls