Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yesterday in Picture

Here's a picture of Dr. Sangeev and Sumana. They were both born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India). He has been involved in at least two of Sumana's surgeries and Friday was his last day. He finished his residency at the U of R and is now off to New York City for further training in cardiac anesthesiology. We are REALLY going to miss him.

Here's a picture of Dr. Constantine. I understand that he is Greek and he is a year behind Dr. Sangeev in school. So Sumana is working her way around the world meeting new anesthesiologists. So, we'll hopefully see him a few more times before he completes his program. Both men have been extremely friendly and thorough in caring for Sumana.

I can't even remember what you call what Umit does. He's put wires all over Sumana three times now. I know it's to monitor her nerves while she's in surgery, but I don't know what you call it. Anyway, it continued to be a fun morning in the pre-op area . . . like a reunion of sorts. (weird, huh??!!!)

Miss Geri has played with Sumana before. She has the cool job of being a Child Life Specialist. Miss Geri gets to play with kids before surgery. Having an operation just isn't what it used to be! No wonder Sumana likes visiting the hospital!

Miss Geri brought stickers and flavored chapsticks to decorate and 'aromatize' Sumana's face mask. Strawberry with a touch of Kiwi! Yum!

And, of course, our star team captain . . . Dr. Sanders!!! (Yea!!! The crowd roars!!)< span>r>
This is a picture of Sumana about an hour after surgery. She came 'out of it' so quickly this time. Yes, she was still a bit groggy, but nothing like February. I think the anesthesiologists have her figured out!

This is a picture of Sumana standing outside our van when we got home. I think you can see how tall and straight she is. We'll get more pictures soon. But it's a good start! Our foster daughter's first words to Sumana were, "Wow, you're soooo tall!' It was really cute and Sumana beamed.

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