Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Dressing

I haven't taken the time to look back through the blog to see if I've commented on the dressings that Sumana has had on her back, but I must say this one is the prettiest and neatest ever! I took a picture today because it's coming off TOMORROW!!! The time has flown by. Sumana has been so much more comfortable this time that we haven't yearned for the 'un-dressing' day like we have in surgeries past. She still takes benedryl once a day, but she hasn't complained constantly about the itchiness.

Also, medicine-wise . . . Sumana has cut back on the pain meds!!!! Instead of 3 times a day, we're down to TWO times a day. It may not sound like a big difference, but we see it as a big sign of healing and progress. She has PT today, so she'll probably need it afterward, but she'll just have Ibuprofen in the meantime. Tomorrow, she goes back to the Happiness House to get fitted for new braces!!! Yea! We're so excited to be able to take care of them so close to home! One less trip to Rochester!!!

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  1. Great news that she's feeling so much better! :) I love being able to check in so easily!