Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Doing Better

Yesterday Sumana had a terrible cough, low grade fever and trouble breathing. So, being the super cautious mom that I am, I called Sumana's pediatrician and took her in. The doctor thought her lungs sounded good, but put her on prednisone to help her through the next few days.

She seem better today and even went outside to play at her sand table for almost an hour. She started back with some leg exercises and goes to PT tomorrow to try to get back in shape.

Meanwhile her mom is totally exhausted. I haven't slept all night since last Thursday . . . but I did get a wonderful nap this afternoon. I'm hoping that since Sumana can get around better by herself I'll be able to sleep again soon!

All Sumana can think about now is having a friend over for a sleepover, camping with our college friends' families and going to Kids Kamp. She has a busy, fun month ahead. Hopefully I can catch alot of fun pictures to share with you.

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