Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gotcha Day #6

Well, it snuck up on me in spite of Sumana's constant reminding. Yesterday marked her sixth 'Gotcha Day'. Greig and I flew into the US on June 14, 2004 with a frightened, tiny Indian girl. It didn't take long for her to adjust and learn English. What a spitfire! And, as we all know, she continues to be such!

We didn't do much special yesterday except say 'Happy Gotcha Day' and I made idli for her. I must say THANK YOU WEGMANS for stocking Madras Sambhar. I was SOOO not into making it from scratch. Sumana even said it reminded her of her 'childhood' . . . huh . . . she talks so grown up!

Well, our little friend Giana made it through her VEPTR lengthening and removal very well. They're still trying to figure out the strange fevers she's been having for the last 6+ weeks. I guess she has the 'go-ahead' to leave from an orthopedic stand point, she just needs to be cleared by the other departments. She should be discharged before Sumana goes in on Friday. (Good for Giana, but we'll miss sharing the hospital experience with the Bisnetts).

In other news, Sumana should finish up her homeschooling before her surgery on Friday. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!


  1. Happy belated gotcha day, Sumana!!!

  2. Wow! I can't believe it has been that long! 12 years for us in May. It goes too fast! Yes, she sure is a spitfire! A delightful one, but definitely a spitfire! :) Will be praying for the surgery!