Monday, June 21, 2010

PT (Pain and Torture)

Sumana has had a LOT of pain this time around. She rebounded well enough on Saturday that we didn't take her back to Strong, but Sunday and today were still pretty high on her pain index. I guess we'll have to reconsider leaving the hospital so soon. When I called the doctor on Saturday he said the only option was to take her back to the hospital for IV pain meds.

I was wearing thin by yesterday, so Sumana layed on the couch more than anything else. I had her moving on Saturday, but I could barely move myself yesterday! I think Sumana paid for her inactivity today. She had her PT re-evaluation today so that she's ready to begin regular PT on Thursday. Her muscles were really tight and she was really dizzy from the pain meds. Miss Alyssa and Miss Kristen were able to get the info they needed, though, so at least that's done!

1 comment:

  1. Oh...I'm sorry. I will pray for her pain to be relieved.

    "Dear Lord Jesus,
    I ask you to help Sumana now. I ask that you would relieve her of her pain. I ask you to help her sleep soundly tonight and feel so much better in the morning.
    Thank you.