Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Rochester appointment????

Oooooo. I'm feeling the excitement. OK, maybe it's a bit premature; but I can't help it. Tomorrow Sumana has her follow-up back appointment with Dr. Sanders. As of today, tomorrow is the last scheduled appointment in Rochester til February! As you may remember, I crammed every conceivable appointment in BEFORE Sumana's VEPTR surgery so that we could plan to stay home and recuperate. Well, so far the 'staying home' hasn't materialized. With her pneumonia, she has been going to Rochester almost weekly since the middle of September. So, we're looking forward to staying home more.

Sumana has a bunch of questions for Dr. Sanders. 'Will my expansions really be 'in and out'?" (outpatient) 'How do the rods make my back straight?' 'When will my lungs get stronger?' Etc., etc.!

So, we see Miss Kristina at 9 to check Sumana's braces. Then, we head over to the Strong Museum to meet some homeschooling friends. The teenage boys are already planning to get lost in the new comic section of the museum. Sumana is hoping the Berenstain Bears are still there. Me? I could sit and watch the fish all morning! We'll leave Andrew at the museum with our friends and Sumana and I will head back to see Dr. Sanders. Time permitting, we'll get to spend another hour at the museum before heading to PT.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that we're dropping off the van to get some repairs done BEFORE we head to Rochester. So, at least this time, we'll be putting miles on a loaner instead of our vehicle.

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