Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No new van

Well, it's pretty final now. We're not only not getting the Entourage, we're not getting ANY vehicle. Here we were approved to buy a 2009 van in July, now we can't get approved to buy a 2007 van!! We thought the original approval was still in effect, but alas, the 60 window has closed (even though a bank rep called us 2 weeks ago to check our status on the loan . . .???) Anyway, we had to reapply today and were rejected because we refinanced our house in September. It's kind of a bummer to be penalized for making wise choices. Oh, well! It's better to have our house paid off in 10 years with no van, than to pay longer on a mortgage AND make a van payment. My mom made a wise comment, "Pay yourself, instead of the bank." So, that's what I'm going to do. Save up Sumana's SSI and next year, we can try again.

Meanwhile, Andrew and I headed out and cleaned the Astro van interior. Tomorrow I'm getting it washed and waxed. Monday we'll have it in the shop to get some repairs done, then we should be good to go, (well, I suppose we should check the tires out . . .) I'm convinced that God is behind this whole matter and even though it's disappointing, we're ok with it. We love our big, green van!

As I've mentioned, Monday is Sumana's last scheduled appointment in Rochester til February. We're trying to make plans to meet some friends at the Strong Museum of Play. I can't wait!! We go at least once a year and it doesn't matter the age of the child, they ALL have fun! (Last year we took Andrew and Shantell . . . then 12 . . . they had such a blast checking out the collectible toys and grossology exhibit).

Please continue to pray for Sumana's health. There is soooo much 'yuck' out there, I almost hate to take her out of the house. I also am fighting with our teens about them getting flu and H1N1 shots. Though the flu is rampant at a nearby college and not at their's yet, it'll come. We can't afford to have it in our house. It's another lesson of 'it's not about you'. I'll keep you posted on our progress!

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  1. Awwww!! Even though you know in your head that the van thing is probably best, I KNOW your heart still wants a new vehicle! I will keep on praying for you guys and the "gunk" going around! Our insurance is a pain in the patooty until we can get it all re-arranged so we're a bit "exposed" at the moment too! It is nerve wracking at times! I would sooooooooooo like for us all to have flu shots by now!