Monday, October 5, 2009

Wedding Re-cap!

Wow! How time flies when you're having fun! There's soooo much to catch you up on, it may take me a few entries to get thru it all! Friday's travelling went pretty well. There wasn't as much construction in NY as I expected. However, PA didn't disappoint. There were a few spots merging into one lane that slowed us waaayyy down. Then, when we arrived at the hotel and tried to find our way to the church we hit rush hour . . . in corn/wine country . . . . go figure! (BTW, Sumana traveled well and didn't need any Motrin til we were almost 'there'--Allentown).

Anyway, the rehearsal was still going on when we got there. Afterward, we headed in to nice restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. There were probably 30-40 people there, but it was mainly Charlotte and Jon's family, so it was a nice setting to visit and relax. AND, of course eat great food! Sumana got a children's meal as soon as we got there. She ate a hamburger, applesauce and fries before we finished our salad course! So, of course she had to sample our food, too!

She slept great at the hotel and when we got up, she had to get right to her morning exercises. It was a little frustrating knowing that a yummy breakfast was WAITING for us downstairs, but she hung in there and got her work done first. Then, she was rewarded with french toast and yogurt. Yummm!! AND, of course, lots of family to visit with!

We managed to squeeze in a trip to the Goodwill store and Ross (our favorite discount clothing store . . . why can't they make a store in NY????) Gretchen made out well finding jeans and shirts. Then, we grabbed a quick BK lunch and headed back to the hotel to get dressed for the wedding. After all my fretting about cool rainy weather, it was a BEAUTIFUL day . . . sunny and around 70!

Greig was the photographer, so we had almost 1 1/2 hours to 'kill' before the ceremony started. Jeffrey was occupied as video guy and Gretchen wanted to be 'in' on all the action, so Andrew, Sumana and I headed off to a local farmer's market. It was like a mini-Windmill (for those of you from OUR area). We were all dressed up and stood out like crazy (especially me with my dressy clothes and clunker brown shoes!!) But, we found lots of fresh veggies CHEAP! I treated the kids to fresh Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels. Andrew's was a steak and cheese pretzel(???!!!)

When we got back to the church we grabbed a few quick photos and then were seated. What a beautiful ceremony! It was held in a small stone chapel . . . GORGEOUS! Jeffrey and Greig were 'working' and Sumana 'had' to sit with Grampy and Grammy, so Andrew and Gretchen and I ended up together. It was fun to watch their excitement as their cousins participated in the ceremony!

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