Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mom's Day Out

Well, Sumana and I have been getting up earlier than usual in order to get all of her breathing and PT/OT exercises in before school. She's not lovin' it, but at least she's pretty cooperative. Today we had to finish school early because I had an appointment in Rochester. Gretchen and Andrew helped 'hold down the fort.' Gretchen even did the transporting for PT and guitar lessons today. Yee-hawww!! It's nice to have another driver in the house!

So, since all the home bases were covered, I was able to run errands and generally just goof off for the afternoon. It was WAY too much fun! I happened to take a dress back to a store for an exchange and it was so quiet that I had the undivided attention of 3 saleswomen! It was fun trying on things I might not have thought of on my own. I actually exchanged the dress for a really sparkly, trendy top that one of the saleswomen found for me. Woo-hoo!

One real bummer today is that I had to say goodbye to another friend. First, one of my best friends moves to Alaska, now another one leaves for Virginia on Saturday. We were able to visit Gina and her family last year in Oklahoma as part of our college road trip. Her family rather unexpectedly moved 'home' in August. So, really the past 2 months have been a 'bonus'. Nevertheless, it stinks to have to say goodbye. At least Virginia is a whole lot closer than Oklahoma!!

Tomorrow we pack up and head to Allentown, PA for Greig's nephew's wedding. Packing the clothes is no big deal. Packing all of Sumana's respiratory stuff . . . that's another story. I really need to take everything she needs NOW and anything she might need if she starts to get a cold. UGHHHHH!!!!

I'll try to get lots of new pictures of Sumana all dressed up with her family. She really looks so much different since her surgery. It's fun to show it off in pictures. (If I can just remember to pack the camera!)


  1. It is really hard to say goodbye. Amy Falke and I are very close friends and now she is way out in western Canada. But at least she is not in Australia like she was before.

    A day off sound good for you. You are been carrying a lot. Sumana sounds like she is doing great. Looking forward to pictures.

  2. Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday!

  3. Where are Jeff & Gina now? I am so far behind on what's been going on! Hey, where's the picture of your new top??? ;)