Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PT and OT

Well, after getting some school done, Sumana and I got our haircut. It was a rather momentous occasion. Miss Shelly said that today was the easiest haircut ever for her (with Sumana). Usually, she has to prop Sumana up, have me help tilt her head up or down, etc., etc. Pretty involved process. Anyway, Sumana now sits up so straight and tall that cutting her hair is not an issue. Yea!! Another bonus I didn't even think of! They better list that on the VEPTR website in the benefits of surgery column.

Then, we did our usual shopping errands and headed to PT AND OT. Sumana had already done her respiratory and PT exercises this morning (VERY grudgingly, I might add!). By the time she got thru with all of her upper body and leg exercises she was whooped! She really worked hard and Miss Kristen and Mr. Darryl seemed pretty pleased with her efforts. If we can just keep her motivated and work around her emerging 'attitude', she will be VERY strong and healthy, very soon!!!

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  1. Had to catch up on this. Sounds like she's continuing to make progress. Praise the Lord! She is a trooper!