Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two trips to Canandaigua

Well, Sumana woke up today just like most other days lately: coughing, trouble breathing, low grade fever . . . . So, we went in to see her primary doctor this morning in Canandaigua. She didn't cough at all on the way out or in the office. Surprise, surprise her lungs were clear. Thankfully, the doctor listened to me stress about how rough the last few days have been. He suggested it was time to give her a course of steroids to help her get over this once and for all.

The whole day was much easier for both of us. Except, of course, the fact that I had already planned to be in Canandaigua this afternoon. She did pretty well in physical therapy and even did some modified sit ups (first ones since the surgery!). Then, she got to meet Mr. Darryl for her occupational therapy evaluation. It was pretty clear that she's got some post-op issues to work through. Some of her goals are to be able to put on shirts independently, drink from a cup and raise her hands above her head without pain. Pretty reasonable, huh?? In addition to these post-op goals for her right side, she will also learn some exercises that should help strengthen her left side (which is affected by her spina bifida).

So, that means PT and OT on Tuesdays, PT on Thursdays. She also will probably be going back to her primary doctor tomorrow to make sure she's finally on the road to recovery. Whew! I'm ready for a nap!!! LOL!

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  1. You deserve a nap!--You deserve a week on the beaches in Hawaii.