Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Good News!

Yea! The chest x-ray taken today is much better! There are still signs of fluid around the surgical site, but the left lung we've been working on is greatly opened up. Dr. Voter agreed with Dr. Hollister and I about dropping the middle of the night respiratory work; but said we should continue it four times a day until Sumana seems to not need it. Then we can drop back to three 'beatings' LOL!

I was also concerned about when to let Sumana get back into her social routine. She so LOVES being around people, I was afraid she'd want to get back to the routine before she was actually able. Dr. Voter encouraged me to ease Sumana back into her 'social' stuff. I think we'll try Sunday School this week and (maybe) even an hour of AWANA. I guess the key is not to wear Sumana out. She can do whatever she can physically handle. Pretty cool, huh??

I'm so encouraged to see how much stronger Sumana gets every day. She is so determined. And, she really doesn't complain much. I just know that if I were in her shoes I'd be laying around, sleeping all day, moaning about my aches and pains. Good thing she's the patient!

Well, tomorrow is the start of PT again. (Tuesday was considered an 'evaluation'). Afterwards, we're going to hit a store or two to look for new clothes. It's amazing how much wider her shoulders are than before. Hardly ANY of her tops fit! She's soooo excited (actually, so am I!!)

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  1. Hurray! A full nights sleep AND and excuse to go shopping. Way to go girls! We love you.
    Kerri et al.