Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday School and a Picnic!

Well, Sumana made it to Kids choir this morning and Sunday School. She probably would have stayed for church, too, but I didn't want to overdo it. She had soooo much fun . . . 'even though her voice isn't back yet'.

Then, after resting a bit, we headed up the hill to the Conservation Club. The Dorman/Emory family had a reunion of sorts. Our cousins from Texas and Pennsylvania even came. What fun! And, Sumana was in the middle of everything! (Especially playing with her cousins!) We only stayed for a couple hours, but Sumana was pooped. I guess she also had reached her pain limit, 'cause she took a FULL dose of the pain meds when we got home. She was really glad she went, though. (I posted a picture of her with Great Uncle David at the picnic).

Tonight she seem fine . . . except very 'itchy'. Those steri-strips are starting to loosen up! I bet they'll be mostly off by next Monday when she sees Dr. Sanders for her post-op appointment. Incidentally, at that appointment we hope to find out the 'final results' of her surgery . . . i.e. her growth and curve correction. In the meantime, she has therapy twice this week and a check-up with her orthodontist (that's an odd ball appointment, huh???)

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