Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I've been reading!

I had a few extra moments so I've FINALLY been reading thru some of the comments you've left for me. Lots of encouraging stuff! And, especially the protocol from a nurse friend. I've heard various things that are helpful to healing, but it was good to see it in print with a time frame. I will really be paying attention to the timing of things today and make sure she's getting moved and cleaned out as often as she should be.

As for the offers of help, we're doing pretty well. Enough visitors to help pass the day and give me a chance to go outside for lunch or get a nap, but not so many visitors that it's a revolving door. Greig is doing a great job of keeping up with the kids at home. It is nice that we have two extra drivers and two extra cars . . . it keeps them occupied . . . but hopefully not in too much trouble!!! (LOL) I also think that food is quite plentiful as well at home.

As an update, Greig was able to be at the hospital early enough to hear the doctors chat about Sumana during their morning rounds. Once again, I'm loving the medical school part of the hospital. Since there are all levels of residents in the unit, there seems to be teaching going on at levels I can actually follow. Sumana's chest x-ray is a little better again today. However, there are more noises during the physical exam, so there is still 'stuff' in there that needs to come out.

Her different blood tests are mixed results at this point. Thankfully, the carbon dioxide levels are dropping and her pH levels are improving. I guess the sodium and chloride levels need adjusting now. Since she's tolerating her 'food' now, they're going to back off her IV fluids and see if that will help the levels to adjust themselves. There's so much chemistry involved . . . it really is pretty interesting!

So, they say 'maybe tomorrow' for losing the vent. They are going to prep her like they did Sunday: cutting ALL fluids (including sedation and pain meds) and backing off on the vent settings. She is soooooo ticked off when she is 'awake' that she can raise her pulse and blood pressure to set off the alarms! I am going to give her some paper and pencil today and see if that will help her communicate. Her spelling is really bad, though, so I don't know if it will be much easier to decipher her handwriting than her lip movements!

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  1. Hi Cheryl,
    Have been keeping up with how Sumana is doing and praying for her and you all. I know she is in the Lord's hands!! Told Greig to tell her the weird lady at the lake said hi and is praying for her. He said she would know who I was. Not sure how to take that LOL
    Love you guys
    Deb Smith