Sunday, September 27, 2009

Church and a painter's mask!

Well, Sumana made it to kids choir, sunday school and church today. But, she did in a painter's mask and lots of hand sanitizer. I noticed lots of people being rather paranoid about illness, too, so I didn't feel quite so crazy! Lots of people were avoiding hugs and grabbing the hand sanitizer after shaking hands. Hopefully, lots of people will stay healthier this fall by taking some precautions.

Anyway, Sumana really had a good morning and then ate another HUGE lunch and dinner. (Still sounds like good news to me!!!) One item of prayer tonight, though. We have a pre-teen with us tonight. She actually was placed with us in cooperation with the Sheriff's office. I think it's a long story, but I didn't ask. Our job is to give her a safe place for the night. She's settled down alot already. Hopefully it'll be a quiet night. (please pray to that end!)

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  1. Glad Sumana was able to go to church!!! I forgot to ask in my email, but if you read this while your visitor is there, please give her a BIG hug for me!!! Her sister too when you see her!