Friday, September 11, 2009

So Much to Tell!

I have soooo many 'back stories' to tell (not Sumana's back, but behind the scenes stories!) But first, an update an today's events. Sumana slept ALL night til 5 am, then again til AFTER 9 AM!!! That's gotta be a record for her! I kept checking on her to see if she was in pain or needed albuterol. She kept saying, "just wanna sleep". So, sleep she did! (She went all night on one dose of the pain meds and then a Motrin 'booster' at 5 am).

After our morning respiratory therapy I asked if she was up for shopping. MY GIRL, said 'YES'! So, we made a trek to the Waterloo outlets. Sumana got some new shirts, dresses, pants and sweaters. She had sooo much fun! She loved telling the sales people that she had surgery and grew so much that she needed new clothes!!

Because she slept in so late and then we did the 'shopping trip', I decided today was a good day to try three respiratory treatments instead of four. Sumana did not cough AT ALL today til dinner time. I think I'll see how the night goes and how she is in the morning. If it goes okay, I think we'll call three treatments 'good'. Somehow, three is so much more manageable than four. I'm sure Sumana will be happy for the change, too!

So, 'back stories', I already am out of time for them. But as a reminder for me, and a teaser for you, I have stories about the PICU and PICU withdrawal to share. Also, I have new 'after' pictures of Sumana's back, but they really don't show the change. I'm going to try some different angles and try to get her to sit 'straight', now that her back allows her to. (Miss Kristen noticed that she is still sitting 'lopsided' out of habit. Something else to work on!)

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  1. New clothes! What a great reward for the "new" girl.

    How about some runway pictures?