Saturday, September 26, 2009

What an eater!

Well, I did forget my camera Friday night. Too bad! Our Sumana can really put away the food. It would have made a great picture to show all she ate! She ordered a cheese quesadilla and ate the WHOLE thing! Then, she proceeded to pick away at her mom and dad's fish fry! She probably ate a third, maybe a half of our huge battered fish. THEN, we had an apple cobbler at our friends' house and she ate a HUGE bowl of that!

Now just in case you're thinking it was a one-time deal . . . NO! She has been eating like that all day today! I hope this means she's getting on the healthier side of things! I only gave her one albuterol/cough assist treatment today (only 2 yesterday!). She really seems to be doing well.

She is very anxious to get to Kids choir and church tomorrow (she missed last week because she was sick). I keep hearing about all these colds and viruses that are going around and I can't help but be nervous about her being around germs. Here's how paranoid I am: I called my friend who's a nurse and asked if she had any face masks that Sumana could wear. (She's not sure if she has the medical kind, but her husband thinks he has the painter kind!!)

I hate to make her wear one, but we can't afford to have her get sick. Greig's youngest nephew gets married next weekend in Pennsylvania and she CAN'T get sick!! I know I should have faith that God will protect her from 'whatever' is out there, but I also want to be smart about helping her stay healthy. She has been sooooo good with using a liquid hand sanitizer. I even got her her own bottle that she carries around with her! I just plain freaked out by how a simple cold with Sumana becomes pneumonia within 24 hours. UGH!! I guess besides praying for our whole family's health, you can pray that Sumana will survive her crazy mom's antics!!!


  1. LOL, we're doing the same thing here! Jacob is the only kid in his class with his own personal bottle of purell at his desk! I'm thrilled to hear how well Sumana is doing - you go girl! Nice job taking care of her too!

  2. I can COMPLETELY understand! We still haven't figured out the health care thing out here and I'm also so prone to pneumonia so I'm a bit on the worried side too! I'll remember to pray for you guys on that issue every time I think about it! Glad she's feeling well enough to eat like a horse!

  3. I am so glad that she's feeling better! She's a wonderful little girl!