Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two steps forward . . . one step back

Well, I have to say Sumana is still much better than she was Thursday, but she's still not doing great. She needed albuterol at 6 am and again before nine and then every 3-4 hours since. UGH!!! She's been 'freezing' today. UGH, again! It's over 70; it's beautiful! She doesn't have much of a temp; but she's still on Motrin, so I guess she's still fighting it. I did make her go out side for an hour, though. (I'm such a mean mom, huh! Making her kids go outside on a nic e day???!!!!)

So, even though we managed to get out to Crosswinds last night between treatments, we couldn't swing ANYTHING at Middlesex Baptist today. Tomorrow I'm cancelling her brace check up so that she only has her post-op appointment with Dr. Sanders. Hopefully, that will help keep her on the 'healing track'. Thanks for your continued prayers!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Sumana got pneumonia! That's noooooooooo fun! I'll keep you guys in my prayers! I thought there were no updates since I had not gotten any Caring Bridge notices, but I guess I'd better just check whether I get a notice or not! :( Take care!