Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some New Pics!

So, here you have it: The Before and After. You can see Sumana still sits heavy on her left 'cheek', but now she doesn't need to!

Here's Sumana in two of her new outfits . . . sporting her new, wider shoulders!


  1. WOW!! That is amazing! She is so beautiful in her new outfits...

  2. She looks wonderful! She is standing fairly straight and is so tall compared to the last time I saw her.

  3. Wow!!! She looks sooooo much taller and she certainly does stand straighter! You can see it a bit in the back pictures, but even moreso in the standing pictures! I'm so glad that the worst of it is over and that you have more to look forward to than to get over if that makes sense.

    I really do understand what you mean about things being overwhelming though at Wegmans and what not. I feel like that on occasion and just from the peace and quiet of home into some of those places on busy days. I tend to avoid a lot of places when I know they will be busy. I imagine I'll be even worse after a winter in Alaska! LOL! Take care of both of you and I'll continue to keep you in my prayers!

  4. Soooo beautiful! I am so proud of Sumana for how she is dealing with all of the trauma involved in this surgery, and I am equally proud of Cheryl, who felt all of the pain on a different plane and had to deal with just as much trauma! I love you and continue to pray for you!