Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good News!

Sumana had her follow-up with Dr. Hollister (her primary) today. Her lungs sounded good (for her!) and we agreed we could stop the middle of the night 'beatings' (respiratory therapy). We're both looking forward to sleeping in our own beds for the WHOLE night tonight . . . hard to believe it's almost been 2 weeks!!!

Sumana also had an evaluation with her PT, Miss Kristen. She walked with one crutch down the halls and around the gym (probably 75 feet??) with Miss Kristen 'spotting' her. Then she did a series of endurance tests . . . sitting unsupported, standing unsupported, etc. It really appears that she is actually stronger NOW after surgery than she was after her more minor surgery in May. Unbelievable! That's the power of prayer and lots of hard work on Sumana's part (her PT, too!)

We're going to request occupational therapy for Sumana for a few weeks, too. Her right hand is very shaky and she can't lift her arm above her head without pain. If you can imagine having all your muscles cut and moved in your shoulder blade area; you can probably imagine the healing that needs to take place in order to get your arm and hand functions back. Sumana really struggles with feeding herself and almost anything requiring her hands. OT should help us retrain her as her muscles heal.

Tomorrow we're off to Strong for a follow up chest x-ray. I know we could have had one done in Canandaigua, but I really wanted her pulmonary doctor to be able to compare this week's film with Saturday's. I'm hoping the fluid is still dissipating. I'm wondering, though, how long it will take for the fluid to go away and if she is exposed to germs at this point, if her lungs are at a higher risk for pneumonia. (???) I'm going to ask around tomorrow. I'll let you know!

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