Friday, September 18, 2009

She's Much Better!

Sumana woke up in a better way today. No coughing. No crying. But a fever of 101. So, I wasn't sure if I should be happy about the 'no coughing' or not. I thought that maybe the fever meant that things were settling in more. However, when we got to the doctors' office in Rochester and had her checked out, it was definitely GOOD NEWS! Her lungs were quite clear and she was acting much more like herself. The doctor said that the antibiotic probably took effect right away. (And, a lot of prayer helped, too!)

We ran some errands and before I had finished all the errands, Sumana 'hit a wall'. She started coughing and having trouble breathing. So, thus ended the errands . . . postponed til another day. We came right home and got the albuterol and meds going again. She definitely is still dragging tonight, but sooooo much better than yesterday!

Sumana has an adjustment scheduled for her braces on Monday and the ever-anticipated post-op appointment with Dr. Sanders later in the day. That'll be an exciting day!

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