Sunday, September 13, 2009

ICU Withdrawal

Well, here's one of my 'back-stories'. I've waited to share it because Sumana has had so much news of her own to share. So, here goes:

Thanks to the Ronald McDonald House and lots of prayer, I adjusted really well to PICU life. I stayed with Sumana the majority of the time, but I got out to the play deck almost everyday, I got a good night's sleep most nights, and there was always plenty of food in the RMH frig to choose from. However, I'm thinking I adjusted a little TOO well.

When my dad picked us up last Saturday to take us home, I had the most bizarre experience. EVERYTHING was overwhelming to me: the sun, the crowds at Wegmans, the noises. Yikes! I guess being isolated in our little PICU room really had an affect on me. We had plenty of visitors and there were plenty of noises and plenty of nurse interruptions, but I really adapted to them. I guess it was still a controlled, predictable environment, (in an ICU sort of way!)

I realize you probably can't relate and it may not seem to be a big deal . . . but, WOW! Did it ever affect me! Today, I took Sumana to Sunday School and I had a very similar reaction at church. It really has something to do with crowds, noise, etc. It's funny that shopping at the outlet didn't affect me . . . of course it was very quiet/uncrowded there and we had a specific objective.

Anyway, it's not a very pleasant feeling. Hopefully, I'll get over it soon. At least we've adjusted well to being home. We're down to three respiratory treatments a day and I only have to get up once at night to help Sumana to the bathroom. It's just amazing to me to think that we've only been home a week and Sumana is doing stairs, walking to and from the van, and actually PLANNING on going to AWANA tomorrow night. God is GOOD!

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  1. Cheryl, I've just started following the "Sumana blog". I didn't realize you had one! It sounds like Sumana is doing great. So happy to hear that! I have had friends at our new church, here in Oregon praying for Sumana with her surgeries and recovery. And for your family as well! Give Sumana a BIG hug from "Ms. Byrne" . . . I miss her beautiful smile and cheery heart.