Wednesday, October 7, 2009


'We've got to get those muscles cookin'!' (by Miss Kristen at PT) Sumana: Huh? (What's for dinner?)

Sumana to Dr. Voter regarding the cough assist machine: 'You know how you said the machine would force air in and then suck it out? It kinda makes me want to cough.' (Thus, 'cough assist') Dr. Voter told her to go with it!

Sumana doing her Explode the Code: 'Mom, look. Church starts with a ch and ends with a ch.' Mom says, 'What's missing?' Sumana, ' U-R' . . . pause . . . giggles . . . oh, YOU ARE!! Followed by hysterical laughter. Boy, is she easily amused! ( just like her mom, huh?)

I know there are more treasures to record, but those are the ones that come to mind. Today we actually stayed home all day! I got caught up on some cleaning and laundry and Sumana and Andrew got a TON of school work done. Tomorrow is pretty quiet, too, just PT and guitar for Andrew in the afternoon.

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  1. I LOVE hearing the "Sumana-isms"! She's such a character! I love her sense of humor! Glad you were able to have a quiet day after such a busy week!