Friday, October 30, 2009

Yes . . . we're still here!

I can't get over how fast time flies! We really are 'back in the swing' of things with school and therapy. However, I had to throw a new job into the mix! We stopped by the library last Thursday to get a couple of books for school. When I checked out, I saw a posting for a part-time library clerk. Well one week later, I started! It's only 10 hours a week, so it shouldn't be too difficult to work in. However, training is another issue! I'm working a lot of hours next week and some are during our school hours, so guess what?? We're having school on Saturday this week (and maybe next!).

On the Sumana front, she has me worried a bit. She didn't have the stamina to do the treadmill very well at PT yesterday. This whole week she's complained about her exercises being too hard. And, she's coughed and sneezed a few times. Ordinarily, one might think . . .' big deal.' But, this is Sumana we're talking about. In the past, weakness or cough immediately preceded sickness. Please continue to pray for her health. BTW, she still hasn't gotten the H1N1 vaccine. I've found the mist available, but she needs to have the injection because of her compromised lung function. I saw the newspaper yesterday and H1N1 has arrived in our area, so I'm really bummed she hasn't gotten the shot yet. I'm calling her lung doctor today to see if she has any ideas of where to find the vaccine.

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  1. How is Sumana feeling today, Cheryl? I've been worried about flu too but we're still in insurance/doctor limbo so I haven't been able to pursue it too hard. Frustrating! On the job front, you're a crazy woman! LOL! It sounds like a good fit for you! Hope you enjoy it!