Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun in the Sun, Part II

Today was another wonderful day for the Holmans. We learned so much about wildflowers yesterday, that we took to our own hill this morning. We found a totally different group of wildflowers (and not as many as Sugarbush!). After all, we have an 'eastern aspect' while they have a 'western aspect'. (I told you we learned a lot yesterday!!) Sumana walked the whole way, even up our steepest incline to our pond. Way to go, girl!

Already we have met many families dealing with similar issues. Giana is not yet 9 months old and she's already had her first VEPTR surgery (and then had it removed!) Roudrabh is only a year and a half old and he is facing a possible VEPTR surgery. Giana's family is local and I hope to meet them at some point. Roudrabh's family is from India originally and they have some tough decisions ahead. This surgery is not available in India and their extended family is back in India (and her husband is here on a work visa). It reminds me, no matter how frustrated I get about politics, we are a very blessed nation. We have so much; and we often don't realize it. Please keep these dear families in prayer, too.

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  1. isn't the internet amazing! glad to hear you are finding other families facing this too.... it always helps!