Monday, April 13, 2009

No date yet . . . UGH!

Well, I called Dr. Sanders office several times today (I hate to be a pain!). The secretary was unable to connect with the 2nd surgeon that needs to be present for the surgery. Hopefully tomorrow she'll get a few dates that she can match with Dr. Sanders' schedule.

I've never been good at waiting, so it looks like I'm getting more practice! In the meantime Sumana is continuing Physical Therapy at the Happiness House twice a week and I have her trying to work ahead in her homeschooling so that she'll be done by the time of her surgery. She also will need a CAT scan of her spine before surgery and I'm not sure if her neurosurgeon will want an updated MRI. I'm sure we'll cross that bridge once we have a surgery date.

We've had an overwhelming reaction to this blog . . . thanks to all who have decided to make Sumana's Faith one of your favorites, we really need your prayers and encouragement. As you can imagine, Sumana is VERY proud of her blog and tells EVERYONE how they can find it. It is really precious to see her faith in her doctors and ultimately in God; she is very much at peace about having surgery.

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