Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome to Sumana's Faith!

I'm really new to all this 'blog stuff', but I've seen how valuable a tool it can be. My cousins have recently had medical challenges with one of their sons and their blog helps keep their friends and family updated through the ups and the downs.

Well, our family has a new challenge. Our daughter, Sumana Faith is facing major back surgery. She was born in India in 1998 with spina bifida. Since joining our family in June 2004, she has learned to speak English and WALK! She is a pretty normal 3rd grader, with a smile that could slay a giant! Her scoliosis has progressed to 51 degrees and now appears to be affecting her lung capacity.

Her orthopedic doctors recommend a device called a VEPTR. It is like 2 vertical ribs that can be adjusted as she grows. The VEPTR will expand her chest cavity and straighten her curvy back. I will add more later. Thanks for joining us on this journey. We need your prayers for wisdom and peace as we travel this road.

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