Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday MRI ???!!!!

Well, I can't believe it. Sumana has her MRI scheduled and it's on Saturday, May 2nd. Who knew?? Saturday MRI's?? I've been watching my calendar, wondering what has to get cancelled. The first casualty is going to be our little respite guy. He's 11 months old and visits us one weekend each month. He can still come; he just has to go home a day early. I still have a homeschool conference, a niece's graduation and a trip to New Orleans on the chopping block. Sumana's surgery is going to take precedence over it all. The sooner, the better.

Please pray that Dr. Silberstein can see what he needs to see in the MRI (and that Sumana will lay still!!). That would be the best case scenario. Then Dr. Sanders would be cleared to do the VEPTR surgery. Otherwise, Dr. Silberstein (the neurosurgeon) will need to be in on the front end of the VEPTR surgery to correct any spinal cord-related issues.

Sumana continues to be optimistic. Her little friend Giana made it home and is waiting for overall good health to try the VEPTR again. Sumana is looking forward to what the VEPTR will mean for both of them. If you scroll down, I have a post about the device and what it does.

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