Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More 'In Her Own Words'

Note from Mom: Sumana and I visited a couple of MRI internet sites to help her prepare for Saturday's MRI.

The MRI machine is going to take me into the tunnel that is shaped like a middle of a donut. It will take 20 pictures at a time. When the machine makes noise it tells me to hold still, 'cause it's taking pictures. I heard that I might be able to listen to music while I'm in the machine. I hope they have Christian music. They're going to see if my spine cord is wrapped around my spine. If it isn't, they might be able to do the VEPTR surgery.

This week I played Tic Tac Toe at therapy. I had to throw beanbags at the squares while I was on 'all fours'. We also got our 11 month-old baby friend this week. I like to play with him, especially when he's not crying.

Final note from Mom: Sumana is working really hard on her school work. She is up to date and should still finish in 4 more weeks. Yay, Sumana!!!

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