Friday, April 24, 2009

In her own words . . .

Sumana is going to take her turn at blogging today. Mom is just taking dictation . . . .

I have two dogs and 3 older siblings. Two of them are boys and one is a girl. Their names are Gretchen, Jeffrey and Andrew. They are 16, 18 and 13. I have 2 sets of grandparents. One is on my mom's side and one is on my dad's side. I have 4 younger cousins on my mom's side and 3 older cousins on my dad's side.

Miss Kristen is my PT. She stretches me; we do games. Today we did Connect Four. It's a game that the person has to connect four checkers in a row to win. If the other person gets the spot that you want; just get another spot.

I wanted to write to you so you can pray the x-rays will show the doctor what he needs to know. Dr. Silberstein and Dr. Sanders and Dr. Rubery are my doctors. They are going to put a metal rod in my back that's going to make me grow taller. I'm going to be in the hospital for 5 days. And it's a six week recovery (that means that I have to recover for six weeks).

I like writing to you. I will do it again soon.


P.S. from Mom: I worked really hard to not edit Sumana's ideas. I love the way she thinks! Hope you got a smile reading this!


  1. We are praying for you Sumana and like to hear what you have to say. The Lord is going to continue to be your strength. You do a good job of expressing yourself.

    The Broomes

  2. Hi Sumana,

    You did a great job with your first blog! We certainly are praying for the doctors to figure out everything they need to know so that you can grow big and strong! Dr. Silberstein operated on Brady too!! Keep smiling Sumana!
    With Love,
    The Williams family