Thursday, June 18, 2009

Different Pace

Well, now that school is finished our week took a different turn. It was a good change of pace for me. I helped some friends with cleaning projects this week, so I've been out of the house a few mornings this week. I think the kids survived pretty well. Sumana has been on a TV ban all week to try to help correct some attitude issues. AND, she did dishes last night! I think she's getting the hang of it!!

Sumana has been reading a lot and playing lots of games by herself. She's had a really good week. Appointment-wise, she only has PT this week, so only 2 trips to Canandaigua! Next week is the same, too. I wish that this could continue indefinitely, but no such luck.

1 comment:

  1. Sumana...if you need extra practice doing dished you can come over to our house:)

    Cheryl...I dread al lhte appointments and driving around too. To try and stay positive about it, I think of every trip as a full cup of coffee that I'll actually get to drink while I'm driving:)