Friday, June 12, 2009

School's Out!!

Well, we made it! Today was our last day of Holman Homeschool. We're all pretty happy, but also sad because Shantell (our homeschool import!) decided to go back to public school. She's been with us for 2 years! She's become a part of our family. She'll be off to Marcus Whitman for 8th grade classes in the Fall.

Sumana is still getting stronger and stronger every day. Today in PT she was doing all kinds of balancing tricks in her tall kneel position and lots of sit ups. It's hard to believe her surgery was just a month ago! She also is back to helping with household chores. Tonight she's washing dishes ("but I'm not INTO dishes!"---not many people are!!) She also is getting good at putting her clothes away and picking up her books and toys. Yes, I know she's 10, but somehow we gave her a slow start in the chore department!

Sunday marks Sumana's GOTCHA DAY. She came to America 5 years ago . . . how time flies . . . and how far she's come! She's planning on idli and sambar and anything else Indian that she can convince her mom to make.

As far as appointments go, Sumana is scheduled for a Sleep Study consult on July 1st. They are already scheduling sleep studies into late August. I made it very clear that they need to get her in before her surgery. I'm rather disgusted that they have to do a consult first . . . maybe I'll call back and see if we can go ahead with the sleep study on the basis of her pulmonary doctor's recommendation.

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