Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day!

Well, Sumana has been in the US 5 years! She requested brownies to share with her Sunday school class and idli (rice pancakes) for dinner. She is soooo proud to be in America. I hope she feels the same way tomorrow (or the next day), when Andrew is picking on her!

The 4 kids also had their pictures taken today. It was really all about Gretchen, though. She had her senior pictures taken. It's hard to believe that Greig and I will have two teens in college this Fall! Yikes!

Yesterday we spent the day with our friend Courtney. She had her graduation party at Ontario County Park. Sumana had fun meeting new people and trekking all over the park. The older kids played softball and I just talked and talked (what's new??!!)

Tomorrow I'm going to contact the pediatric sleep center and see if there is any way to skip the initial consult appointment and just schedule the sleep study. Sumana already has the recommendation of her pulmonary doctor. Because of the tight scheduling between now and Sumana's VEPTR surgery, I'm hoping we can get clearance. We'll keep you posted!

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