Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mom's back!

I'm back from an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend in New Orleans. I think I need to make a link or something for those of you who are interested in the my trip. We had beautiful 85+ degree weather with sunny skies! I have LOTS to share, so I'll let you know if/when I post about it.

Greig took over Sumana's scar manipulation (pressing and moving her skin around on her incision site). I guess exercises went by the wayside. However, she spent a lot of time with Greig at Crosswinds which meant lots and lots of walking! She really enjoyed her extra time with daddy!

Today we had our 1 month follow-up with Dr. Silberstein. He is very pleased with the results of the de-tethering surgery. The incision site is well healed; all that's left is a fine scar about 4 inches long. The Dr. said that re-occurrence of the tethering is very unlikely, as is any further spinal cord tethering. So, it sounds like this chapter in her story is finished!

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