Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Well, we had a very delicious, relaxing dinner at my sister's house this afternoon. All 6 of her family, 6 of mine and 2 grandmas and a grandpa were there. What a nice crowd we made! Greig was able to get there to enjoy the whole meal WITH us. (Sundays are hard for him to wrap up and get out of church in time for a meal). And, now we're back home, watching golf and wishing for a Tiger comeback . . . not looking good for this tournament, though!!

Tomorrow we're off to the sleep center. We'll update with whatever we learn . . . it should be interesting.

Sumana was just asking about summer camp. UGHHH! If and when she goes, I really think she needs a special needs camp. I can't see her keeping up with 'fully-abled' 10 year olds for 3+ days. It looks like there are a lot of good camps out there, but it's pretty late to be looking in to them. There is one near Lake George that looks fantastic. I'm going to inquire tomorrow and see if they're booked up yet for the summer. We have good college friends that live within an hour of the camp . . . so it would be a nice trip to make! However, it may be something to look into for next year.

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