Monday, June 22, 2009

Off and Running!

Well, I hope I enjoyed last week to the fullest, because this week is turning out to be an exhausting one. I took Sumana to the sleep dr./pulmonary dr. today and because of her upcoming surgery, they really want to determine if she has oxygen problems while she sleeps. So, there was a cancellation for TONIGHT and we are taking it. I just got home, helped Sumana shower, got the pizza in the oven and will soon be off to Rochester AGAIN!!

As I was reviewing Sumana's health history with the doctor, I realized that she is a pretty complicated kid. Not as complicated as some kids, I'm sure, but enough questionable stuff to make doctors wonder about her various symptoms. It will be good to get answers and be done with this testing phase. However, on the off chance she does has 'issues' I know this is a very important step to take. But, I must admit, I am very tired. I hope I can sleep tonight. However, after reading the prep sheet, it looks like that's not in my job description. UGHHHH!!! I'll try to get pictures and let you know how everything went tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and that Sumana will be at peace through the sleep study. Thank you!


  1. We'll definitely pray! Andrei went through that not long ago and it wasn't too bad. It is hard to sleep though with people in and out and of course being someplace different. I'm sure you'll both want naps tomorrow but from the sounds of your week, you might not get that! We'll keep that whole "rest" issue in prayer for the rest of the week!


  2. Oh girls...sounds like a tough night ahead! But just another step towards feeling better:)