Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Week Ahead

Well, this week doesn't look too bad. Sumana only has PT once and only one medical appointment. Just a reminder, Wednesday is her sleep study follow-up with a possible mask fitting. Right after that we rush back to witness our former foster daughter's adoption. Sometime this week I need to squeeze in a Red Cross course online; but things are looking a bit quieter, so I think it'll work out.

We had fun with Sumana's cousins yesterday. We took all 8 kids (Kerri's and mine) to have their pictures taken. Our favorite photographer, Miss Stephanie, had quite a workout! She got some wonderful shots, though. Afterward, Sumana and I ran some errands and looked at some new cars. I don't know how the Cash for Clunkers is actually going to pan out, but we qualify. We've looked at the Mazda 5, the Toyota RAV 4, the GMC Acadia, the Nissan Quest, and a bunch of others. When I say 'looked at' I mean Sumana climbed in; Sumana climbed out. That was our first main criteria . . . a pretty good place to start. Once we have a short list, Greig can come along and give his opinion. We appreciate any information you all may have. Feel free to e-mail me. At this point, we're looking for a 6+ passenger with a V6 engine.

A few words from Sumana: " I really want to go to camp. I want to make new friends and get away from my brother!! [Andrew] I want to have fun, but then come back and sleep in my own bed. Did you know that I can walk without ANY crutches??!! I can walk from one side of the living room to the other. [about 10-15 feet]"


  1. Wow, Sumana! I'm so proud of you for all your hard work with the walking! I continue to pray for all these medical issues to be worked through so that you can continue to grow stronger every day! Love,

    Miss Daphne

  2. Sumana,

    Yipee! I didn't know you could walk all that way without crutches??!! That is fantastic!
    I will keep praying that you will get stronger every day and that God will use your upcoming surgery to help you do GREAT things!