Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Lucky, Unlucky Day!

Well, we got our hair cut. It took some doing, but it got done. Today's blog title is courtesy of Miss Shelly, our hairdresser (see picture with Sumana). Since I'm not big on 'luck,' I guess I'd say, "God worked it ALL out today." We left as planned for our haircuts, but as I was coming down my favorite dirt road shortcut, Sumana said, "Mom, you shouldn't drive on this road in the winter." I laughed and told her I'll drive it in most kinds of weather, because it's a shortcut! Well, a few seconds later we heard HORRIBLE sounds! I quickly realized that we had a flat tire. Darn!

AND, of course, it happened in Italy Valley, where there is NO cell phone coverage. God was working it out, though. There was a house right near where we stopped and a woman was home gardening. I was able to use her phone to call Miss Shelly and the auto club. AND, Miss Shelly was kind enough to come pick up Gretchen and Sumana and take them to her shop to get their haircuts as planned.

Meanwhile, I sat in the van and watched nature . . . for OVER 1 hour!!! (You all know how much I LOVE waiting . . . NOT!!) I saw squirrels and skinny chipmunks (unlike our obese ones that eat our bird food!!), listened to frogs AND saw a mamma turkey cross the road with her 6 chicks. I suppose I got a little work done toward a suntan on my right side, too. AND, the kind woman at the nearby house gave me some myrtle to plant at our house. How nice!

By the time I got going it was well past my appointment time, so I was sure I'd have to reschedule. BUT, 'No.' Shelly had just set a perm and was in the 'waiting' stage. She still had time to cut my hair! Yea!!! Now THAT was a blessing!

Well, I wouldn't let Gretchen drive home because I didn't like the sound the tire was making. I stopped several times to check it, but it seemed tight and I couldn't see anything wrong. However, as I got closer to home the noise got louder and louder and I had to go slower and slower. By the time we got home and I checked the spare, 3 of the 5 lug nuts were gone!! God really was 'working things out' for us. That could have been sooo bad! Thankfully, the towing company was great and came to our house and towed the van to the tire store. Whew! My nerves were SHOT by the time we got home! I am praising God that we made it home safely!

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  1. Yes, praise God, AND that suntanned right side.