Monday, February 8, 2010

Expansion explained

Many people have asked what Sumana's expansion/lengthening surgery is all about. She had the VEPTR placed in August (Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Ribs). Every 4-6 months the rods will be expanded/lengthened to accommodate growth and increased lung capacity. On Sumana's x-ray Dr. Sanders showed us the device on the end of each rod that will be adjusted. In the picture the adjustment spot is on the lower end of each rod (I'm not sure WHICH spot, though!). Dr. Sanders will make two small incisions over those spots and use a tool to 'crank up' the rods. The only 'bugaboos' with this surgery will be the risk of breaking ribs and device failure. As long as no complications arise, the surgery should last about an hour.

In doing some research, I found that in the near future doctors won't have to do an invasive surgery to expand these rods. They actually have developed a REMOTE to expand the rods in the doctor's office! How cool is that??? Family members have joked about accidentally cranking up Sumana when they actually mean to turn up the volume or change the TV channel!

Thanks for your prayers about MY health. While I still 'feel' a bit of cold symptoms, nothing has developed. I'm actually much better today than I was on Friday. I'll update Tuesday with Sumana's surgery time. Hopefully, Greig can update the blog at the hospital on Wednesday (I still 'don't do' laptop keyboards!!!)

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  1. We'll keep up the prayers for good health for ALL of you! So I seriously laughed out loud about the TV remote! Too funny!