Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Itchy and miserable!

Please pray for Sumana today. She is really itchy and in a lot of pain. She was up during the night with itching fits and it continued this morning. Greig and I decided to change her gigantic dressing to a smaller one. Leave it to me . . . when I took off the bandage I freaked out. Her entire shoulder blade area is stitched up. (The same size and place as the FIRST surgery). On top of this, the itch-iest part is under her arm, on her right side . . . RIGHT where there are stitches. UGH!!!!

So, she has been one sob-machine today. I'm afraid my freaking out didn't help at all, either. The doctor had shown us one small incision spot at her pre-op appointment. I could see looking down into her dressing (and from his markings right before surgery) that he had to go in around her shoulder blade . . . but the WHOLE area! Yikes! I'm going to lobby for TWO new rods at the next surgery. I don't want to see her cut up like this every six months. Oh, remote . . . . Where are you???

Thanks for your prayers. She definitely has 'hit the wall'. Our little trooper is pretty discouraged. It's pretty sad. Hang in there, girl!

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  1. Cheryl - this is both heartbreaking and hopeful. It must be very difficult for all of you to go through. I will be praying for strength for you all especially Sumana. God has given her the gift of a loving and caring family and He will bless you all abudantly. Hang in there. Hugs. Mary Blowers