Thursday, February 25, 2010

A very, VERY long day!

Whew! What a day! We left the house at 6:45 am and got home about 5pm. Poor Kathleen! She really got the Holman trial by fire treatment! I think she got the hang of things by noon, though. She was LOVING checking out Rochester (her first experience there). Again, Kathleen is our new foster daughter. There is so much paper work involved in transferring from one high school to another, there was no chance they were ready for her today. (Hence, her LONG day with us!)

With the addition of a third girl in Gretchen and Sumana's room, we wanted to try to reconfigure the bedroom. After lots of measuring, we decided to get a different desk for Gretchen and possibly a futon for Kathleen. I found a desk on Craigslist and we had to leave at 6:45 am to pick up the desk before the seller had to leave for work. The roads were horrible! (slushy snow) We actually almost didn't make our appointment due to a bad crash on the thruway. We found out tonight that one of the drivers was killed.

After getting the desk (that's another LONG story!) we did some Wal-Mart shopping and then made it to Sumana's orthotics appointment a little early! Miss Christina gave her all kinds of new padding . . . not sure it's helping, but it's worth a try!

Next we went next door to Dr. Sanders' office. Sumana had x-rays done to check the position of the rods. Dr. S was very pleased. He also showed us why only one part of one rod needs to be replaced. There are 3 or 4 MORE notches left on the rod nearest her spine, no notches on the other rod. So, Dr. Sanders plans to replace ONLY the lower part of the lateral rod. That should make it somewhat less serious surgery. He also want to wait 6 months til the next surgery, even if Sumana starts to lean again. He knows now that the lateral (outside) rod will fix the problem. Bottom line, Sumana will see him in June and have surgery in July or August.

Meanwhile, the snow continued to fall as we grabbed lunch at McD's and ran a few more errands. We made it to Canandaigua in time to get Kathleen boots and Andrew sneakers. By this time, the snow was getting heavier and blowing and there were more accidents. UGH! Sumana had her PT with Miss Kristen and by then I was READY to GO HOME! Thankfully, as I was leaving Canandaigua I got a call that the library was closing . . . so I didn't have to come back and work! What a relief!

Andrew was waiting for his guitar lesson, but I called to take him home before it started. (He was soooo bummed!) ANOTHER accident held us up trying to pick him up. Half an hour later we were back on the road to go home! Sigh! Now, we're trying to get the girls' room set up and plan to STAY PUT!! (At least til lunchtime tomorrow!!!) Good night, all!!

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  1. Oh my! I don't know how YOU keep up with yourself! Glad you're home safely! I would not be inclined to budge all day after a day like that! ;)