Thursday, February 11, 2010

PT Evaluation

Check out the flexibility!

Soooo tall and straight!

Sit ups 24 hours after surgery???!!!

Even a turn on the treadmill!

Other than holding down her food and medicine, Sumana's main excitement today was her physical therapy evaluation. Whenever Sumana is hospitalized she has to be re-evaluated before she can resume PT. So, in anticipation of resuming PT next week, we opted to do the evaluation TODAY only 24 hours after surgery! How amazing is that?? I say it all the time, but Sumana is such a trooper!
She had strength and flexibility tests, balance evaluation and even a treadmill trial. Some exercises were harder than others, but Sumana really tried her best. She lost some strength and balance, but nothing serious. One of the awesome benefits today was to see the PTs reactions to Sumana's straight and tall look. Of course, Miss Kristen noticed it the most because she has to put up with Sumana twice a week, but even the other PTs admired her new look.
It's crazy to think one day Sumana is slumping over to the side and the next she's straight as an arrow. What an amazing gift the VEPTR has been for her. By the way, I told her I wanted her to try her crutches at therapy today. When I gave them to her, she said they 'felt funny'. Well, duh, mom. She's taller and needs them lengthened again! We also are busy bagging up her outgrown clothes. Hopefully we won't have to repeat our post surgery shopping spree to the extent we did in September, but some shopping must be done. (A good excuse for mom and Sumana to shop! We're girls, after all!!!)

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  1. Good for you, Sumana!!! I'm pretty sure I'd not have been ready for that 24 hours after surgery! I'll bet you're better than ever in no time! Keep up the hard work!!!!!