Thursday, February 18, 2010

She slept ALL night!

What a relief! Sumana slept ALL night long. Whew! That felt good for mom and dad, too! Sumana had another rough day yesterday, but thankfully she slept a couple of hours in the afternoon and then a bit more in the evening. (That's her resting last night in the picture). Before all the sleeping she did 5 minutes on the treadmill! (5x 1min.)

We called the doctor's office to ask about options for the itching . . . but never heard back! UGH!! So, Greig took matters into his own hands and called a friend who is an orthopedic doctor. He discouraged us from putting anything ON the steri-strips. Instead, he said we could try Benedryl. (Maybe that's why she napped in the evening, too!)

Today she is in much better spirits and the itching doesn't seem to be as bad. I told her she could take some more Benedryl if the itching bothered her again. She immediately said, "No! It's yucky!" We'll have to see how it goes. She has PT today with Miss Becca. I'm not sure what's planned, but Sumana is counting on some Wii action as part of HER plan!
Thanks, again, for all your prayers, cards, calls and e-mails. They really mean a lot to Sumana (and her family!)

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  1. Yeah! Soooooo glad she's sleeping better AND not itching so much! We'll keep on praying though! Go Sumana!!!!!! :)