Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still Itchy and Miserable . . .

Well, we made it through yesterday. At times it seemed we made it 'just barely'. Thank you for all the encouraging notes and prayers. Unfortunately, though, today is starting out as a repeat of yesterday (up at night with itching and pain and itching this morning).

The added bummer today is that I looked under her dressing and saw dried blood all around the stitches under her right arm. That's the place that she has been 'doing the chicken dance' to. (that's the first thing that came to mind to describe her crazy elbow/arm technique to scratch herself!) I told her yesterday she had to be careful not to pop the tape open, so today I may have gotten through to her because of the recent bleeding/oozing. The areas still all look really good, except for the one spot.

In spite of everything yesterday, she still did 4 minutes on the treadmill (4 x 1 min.). She's got a lot more pain today, so we had to back off the OT/PT exercises. The treadmill doesn't seem to bother her, so we'll try for 5 minutes today!

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  1. Oh my! That poor child!!!! Please give her a big, gentle hug from me! :( We will definitely pray for her AND you! What a rough go of it! Hopefully the itchies will stop soon!