Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lovin' the Snow!

Wii Fit with Miss Becca- one week post-op!
Wii Skiing with Miss Becca

Walking backwards with Miss Kristen!

In spite of being pretty physically and emotionally drained, I was rather 'giddy' on our short drive to church this morning. The snow is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! It's the first time this whole winter that the snow is sticking heavily on the trees and bushes. It had quite the calming and peaceful effect on me. (Boy, did I need that!) I won't go in to details, but the addition of a 15 year old girl has been rough on our whole family. For a family who treasures routine and personal space and LOTS of quiet . . . . you can imagine the stress we're all under. (But, I do think Kathleen is adjusting well. She just has a lot of 'our' rules to adjust to and 'our' liberties to enjoy within reason).
This week will be busy with two appointments for Kathleen and getting her registered at Whitman. Sumana has PT twice this week and I'm going to try to get an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist for a second opinion on Gretchen's chronic ankle troubles. Never a dull moment at our house, huh??? We're SOOOOO looking forward to a get-away weekend with our college friends and their kids in a couple of weeks.
I promised pictures a long time ago. So, I will pass them along. Enjoy! )At the top, of course! I still have troubles with computer 'stuff'!)

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  1. :) Snow is calming when you don't have to drive somewhere on schedule through it! ;) Will continue to pray for adjustments all around!