Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Pictures!

The bandaging is as big and thick as the August surgery.

Here are some shots of the new and taller Sumana. She's still doing really well. We've cut back to twice a day with the respiratory therapy and once a day with the pain meds. Sumana continues to do a little more every day. She did 3 minutes total on the treadmill today. Yea, Sumana!


  1. I read your story/updates as they happen and each day I am reminded how AWESOME our God is!!! Thank you for sharing your story!!! I am so glad to read that Sumana is up to 3 minutes on the treadmill...that is GREAT!!!

  2. I can't believe how tall Sumana is now! It is truly amazing! Keep up the hard work on the treadmill! Pretty soon you'll be walking all the way to church! :)