Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Last Hurrah!

We're doing it again . . . cramming as much fun in as we can before surgery (while attempting to limit exposure to germs!) Sumana spent Friday evening with her AWANA girls' group at LeTourneau Camp. They ate lots of food, played lots of games (Sumana got to teach her friends how to play Wii bowling--she learned in PT) and in general had lots of fun.

Today, Sumana and I spent a few hours making Valentines and other cards. Though I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I don't think we've ever sat down with such a concerted effort. She had her list of cards to make; I had mine. It was a lot of fun and a good project to get out of the way!

Please keep Sumana's health in your prayers. AND, mine, too! I've been fighting off a cold for several days. I even wore a surgical mask during school on Friday. I'm being so psychotic about Sumana not getting sick from others and she's being exposed to plenty of germs right at home. UGH!!!

Her lengthening surgery is Wednesday. We won't know the time til Tuesday afternoon. As long as there are no complications, the surgery should be over in about an hour. However, her experience in August has the doctors calling all bets 'off'. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers as we press ahead this week with Sumana.


  1. Thought I recognized the decor in the first photo! Will be praying!