Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Surgery is Tomorrow!

"Mom, I can't wait for tomorrow. I can FINALLY get a break from my exercises!!!"

Well . . . maybe not. Sumana's surgery is scheduled for 11 am tomorrow (Wednesday) and she doesn't have to be at Strong til 9:30 am. That leaves PLENTY of time to do her exercises before we leave. (I haven't mentioned that fact to her yet. Maybe she can take Thursday off!)

We have had so little snow this year! I had to suppress that 'green-eyed monster' a lot over the weekend. To see all that beautiful snow and how it paralyzes places that don't know how to deal with it. I say, "We'll take it!" Our poor kids have only been sledding once this winter and there was so little snow that they got bruised doing it!

So, tonight and tomorrow we're supposed to get 5-7 inches. Hmmmm . . . . now I'm not so eager about the snow. We actually have to get Sumana to the hospital through that stuff. I can't just stay home and bake bread and cookies. The easy answer is to let my Maine-iac husband drive and enjoy the ride. Then, again, the snow probably won't even materialize. It's missed us every time so far.

Please pray for Dr. Sanders. I know he's back from Haiti, but I don't know what shape he's in. I know he gives everything he's got for every surgery, but I can imagine he's still feeling the effects of his work in Haiti. Also, pray that Sumana's lungs remain clear; that was the problem that kept her on the ventilator for so long in August.

Thanks in advance for your prayers. I'll ask Greig to update the blog as we get more information tomorrow.

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